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Puriti - Why Puriti was born

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‘The superlative form of pure’. This is the hallmark of PURITI Manuka honey.

Unlike other producers that see Government regulation and testing as targets to achieve, we view them as the bare minimum base line.They merely represent the starting point for our own testing standards that demand far higher purity levels. In addition, we test for contaminants that in the interests of honesty we believe to be important to the consumer but are not at this stage a legal requirement.

Why does Puriti go to all this trouble?

It had to be done. Someone had to take the bull by the horns and make a positive change to the landscape of the Manuka industry in New Zealand, provide protection to the consumer and defend and enhance the reputation of the New Zealand Manuka honey industry on the global stage and in international markets.

The international pressure on the Manuka honey industry to step up and shape up was growing to a breaking point. The global market is awash with more than 220 Manuka honey brands and multiple confusing grading systems. There is also growing confusion over authenticity, origin, counterfeit and adulteration of current Manuka honey products in the marketplace. Manuka honey can be bulk shipped to offshore markets and packed overseas with lesser standards, with varying levels of control and variable labelling laws and legislative requirements.

New laws on manuka honey regulations

On February 5th 2018, the New Zealand Ministry for Primary industries (MPI) introduced a new Manuka honey science definition to determine Monofloral Manuka and Multifloral Manuka. The definition comprises of a five attribute test - one DNA test and four chemical tests.

This is the first definition of its kind for Manuka honey in New Zealand.

At this stage legislation only requires this definition to apply to Manuka honey produced in New Zealand and packed in jars for the export market. The standard is not compulsory for product sold in New Zealand or for bulk shipments of Manuka honey offshore which is a common practice used across the industry.

Why the manuka honey industry was being tarnished

Over the past few years, there have been numerous negative reports on quality and authenticity leading to a number of Manuka honey products being removed from retailer shelves overseas.

We also now have an ongoing battle for the use of the name Manuka with Australian producers who have commonly called the Australian Tea Tree Jelly Bush, now renaming the honey Manuka. This activity only adds to global consumer confusion.

We wanted PURITI to define an industry and to raise the global standard and ultimately change the game. We want to defend and enhance the pinnacle position that New Zealand Manuka honey demands and champion the values of purity, quality, honesty and integrity. Genuine Manuka honey is exceptionally rare and absolutely, unique to New Zealand. Genuine Manuka honey must be harvested, tested, certified and packed in New Zealand. Manuka is a Maori word and the name given to the indigenous plant Leptospermum Scoparium.

The consumer deserves to know they a purchasing the real thing and buying with confidence.

Puriti manuka honey raising the bar

PURITI aims to remove the confusion and the smoke and mirrors. We believe the MPI definition is a positive step in the right direction but should apply to all Manuka honey. We don’t believe in double standards. Consumers in New Zealand should get the same higher quality as defined for export. We also believe the same or even tougher regulation, standard and controls should apply to bulk Manuka honey shipped and packed offshore.

PURITI was developed to do all of the above. Total honesty, no confusion, genuine Manuka honey, the real deal. PURITI raises the bar. It is the game changer. PURITI is the pinnacle standard.

Not only is all PURITI Manuka honey produced to the same MPI export definition, we went further and raised the bar. We increased the pass mark for the tests so that we could demonstrate that the PURITI brand and product was superior. We then detailed all the testing on the jar label so anyone can see for themselves the rigorous testing that the products have gone through.

We then decided to test for more. We included testing to ensure that all PURITI honey products are Glyphosate residue free. Glyphosate residue in the food chain is a growing concern internationally. We know New Zealand agriculture is very clean so we thought we would test it. Demonstrate this, and then shout about it.

Ensuring Puriti Manuka Honey is the real deal

Having gone to all the effort of producing Manuka honey of this exceptional and superior quality we wanted to address the other concerns of counterfeit, fake and adulteration.

You can’t stop copying but you can make it difficult, a deterrent and an expensive exercise.

Most Manuka honey brands use the same shape jar, sizes and simple, similar labeling.  Even the label sizes and colours are often similar. The result is customer confusion, easy copying and a harder time identifying genuine products from fake ones.

PURITI packaging is the antithesis of the norm. The reverse of the common standardised packaging of other Manuka honey brands. Designed from the ground up, with the label and jar developed in conjunction, and to complement each other. The unique cylindrical jars and lids are proprietary and exclusive to PURITI. The jar rather than being dark is clear (we have nothing to hide) and we want you to see what you are buying.

We took the label design to the extreme, adding multiple technical anti-counterfeit elements to enhance consumer security. The label is larger and runs over the smooth join between the jar and lid with a tamper evident tear/break strip. We used heavy soft touch paper stock, Spot UV and high build UV lacquer. We added hot stamped gold foil and invisible ink designs only clear under black light. The jar is uniquely laser etched to each batch. The lid has a raised engraved map of New Zealand on the upper surface. 

The combination is at least 11 separate anti-counterfeit and consumer security features.

The PURITI range of jar sizes is also different and broader increasing price point options for those that want to try different strengths.

Have a look at our online store to see what we mean. We have a wide range of Pure Manuka Honey UMF ratings and product types for sale, with more to come.

The result is a product that not only is different - it looks different, feels different and is of superior quality. It cannot be confused, it’s tactile and visually unique. Whoever the consumer, whatever the nationality and wherever they are in the world they can rely on one brand to deliver one higher standard, the best of the best.

Not all sparkling wine can be champagne.

Not all fish eggs are caviar.

Not all cigars can be Cuban and not all Manuka honey can be PURITI.

Where to buy Manuka Honey you may ask? From our online store of course!

Reap all the Manuka Honey benefits. PURITI - the best Manuka Honey brand in New Zealand, providing delicious and pure Manuka Honey New Zealand-wide.

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