The very best must be protected to ensure that the consumer receives the genuine article and the very best in Manuka honey.


With ‘PURITI’ Manuka honey, everything we do has a purpose and reason. We constantly look to improve, challenge convention and challenge the status quo. This is why PURITI Manuka honey is the only brand to have both UMF and MGO certifications clearly shown on all labelling and packaging. It is also the reason why we have raised Government testing and regulation to a new level, providing you the highest quality of Manuka honey - A quality level that no other company yet complies to.  


We are determined to protect and enhance the pinnacle position of New Zealand Manuka honey, to promote its inherent rarity and unrivalled quality.


We also created multiple levels of security to defend against counterfeit, fake and adulteration that is prevalent within the Manuka honey industry.

We refused to use the typical ‘off the shelf’ honey jar design favoured and used by most Manuka honey producers. We designed and produced our own PURITI jar.

We over-engineered complexity into a simple packaging shape and threw the kitchen sink at the label design elements. The harder and more expensive it is to copy the more likely it will fail or not be attempted at all.