PURITI is the only brand to have both UMF and MGO certifications clearly shown on all labelling and packaging.

UMF and MGO ratings are both used to indicate the potency and strength of Manuka honey. UMF is an industry standard - more established and widely used and it stands for ‘Unique Manuka Factor.’

UMF and MGO measure and define the strength/potency of Manuka differently, however, there is a relationship and direct correlation between the level of Methylglyoxal and the Non-Peroxide Activity (as measured by the UMF).

Table of UMF and MGO comparison:


* MGO is measured as methylglyoxal mg/kg (ppm)


PURITI products are all produced to a higher MGO level than required to pass the UMF grading levels.

Compare to PURITI’s even higher standards chart