The global production of all honey types is about 2 million tonnes per year. Annual production of genuine New Zealand Manuka honey is approximately 4000 tonnes. Even if New Zealand Manuka honey production could double it would still remain the rarest commercially harvested honey on the planet.

  • The vagaries of the New Zealand weather has a dramatic effect on the quality and quantity of production for Manuka honey.
  • Add the growing demand from the medical industry for medical grade Manuka honey in surgical and advanced wound care dressings.
  • Now add the demands from the dermatological field for skin treatments for the use of Manuka honey. Then there is the growing demand for Manuka honey as an active ingredient in high value premium skin care.
  • The equestrian and horse racing fraternity are using  Manuka honey as a superfood.
  • Even the veterinary world is clambering for it, and we haven’t even got to human food or nutrition or energy and natural health supplementary products yet.

At this point, it is easy to see why 4000 tonnes of genuine Manuka honey is not very much at all.