We believe that PURITI Manuka honey must be the very best in every aspect and the same quality should be available to all consumers, no matter where they are in the world.

We want to eliminate confusion surrounding Manuka honey grading systems and standards. Not only should the consumer know what the different grades mean and represent but they should also understand the legal standards, what they are and where they are applicable.

It is clear that many consumers are unaware that the MPI Manuka Honey Science Definition (legal testing standard) only applies to exported jars, and is not a requirement for the New Zealand domestic market.

Most international consumers are also unaware that bulk barrels of Manuka Honey can be exported and packed overseas without any mandatory or legal requirement to meet the MPI Science Definition. Theoretically, this allows bulk honey to be packed offshore outside of New Zealand where quality regulation, standards and labelling rules may vary dramatically, therefore, resulting in a lower quality product.

The consumer must be given the full picture, the whole truth and all the information required to make an informed choice. We need to be comfortable whether you choose PURITI or not, your choice has been an informed one.

A lesser product does not mean a bad product, it just isn’t at PURITI Manuka quality.