Although the MPI Science Definition does not apply to Manuka sold within New Zealand, PURITI has voluntarily adopted test standards at a level of 10% - 100% higher than the export standard. We make all our Manuka honey to this standard (not just our export honey).

PURITI products are also tested for Glyphosate contamination. Glyphosate is an extensively used herbicide that is used on farms, gardens, streets, and parks. There is growing evidence that it can cause health-related issues and is carcinogenic. Because Glyphosate is so widely used, and its residue can be found in some foods, PURITI has decided to have a zero tolerance policy for it being present.

You can be assured that PURITI Manuka honey contains no Glyphosate residue. We want you to experience all the Manuka health benefits, antibacterial properties and other unique properties without any added health risks.