You have probably gathered by now that PURITI is a very different brand concept and unlike anything in the market right now. We genuinely don’t want to hide anything, we want you to be 100% sure that you have bought the very best, you are part of the story, and you are the reason we created PURITI.


We are proudly passionate about Manuka honey, and we are equally as protective of the resource. We don’t want this wonderfully naturally occurring treasure to be squandered, undermined or tainted by disingenuous adulteration.

PURITI Manuka honey must pass a higher critical standard before it can carry the PURITI label. All the testing is clearly detailed on the label.

This way you can see that PURITI is demonstrably superior. No tricks required. You can check it yourself.

Our products adhere to our own Manuka Honey NZ UMF grades to ensure that you get the purest, most high-quality Manuka Honey.

Where to buy Manuka Honey you may ask? From our online store of course =)

Reap all the Manuka Honey benefits. PURITI - the best Manuka Honey brand in New Zealand, providing delicious and pure Manuka Honey New Zealand-wide.